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Data Lake and Business Intelligence dashboard development for Conta Zap

We provide professionals for the development of Conta Zap technology, one of the main digital account Fintechs in Brazil. In addition, it has developed a Business Intelligence system where it is possible to monitor various business metrics in real time. In this way, the Zap team easily tracks business indicators anywhere and uses the system in an integrated way with its CRM.

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Content and news app for NSC Total

The App offers unlimited access to NSC Total news and other news group content. With it, users can download articles and read offline, listen to the radio and also personalize content by categories, columnists and topics of interest.

We participated in the UX process and the creation of the UI, as well as the development of the application and management of the teams involved in the project.

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Creation of the family agriculture fair trade platform Sumá

The entire Sumá Platform project was developed and managed by our team. Resulting in an E-commerce and a CRM that allows the management of the entire operation, connecting family farmers with the demands of the main buying markets in their region.

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Points and benefits app Clube NSC

Clube NSC is a club with exclusive advantages for subscribers of the newspapers of NSC Comunicação, which consists of grouping partner establishments so that through a portal they can carry out promotions to their subscribers. The service has a network of more than 300 partners that offers special benefits and discounts throughout Santa Catarina.

We developed new applications and redesigned the entire CRM architecture to provide greater reliability, scalability and accessibility for its partners and subscribers.

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