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Tentáculo is a company that had its conception over the years but officially launched to the market in 2019 when its partners saw in the growth of the market the opportunity to use all its innovative potential.

We are a company that operates at the forefront of technology, always in search of what is most innovative and performing. If there is anything in us that you will never see, it is fear. We are always looking to create new concepts, adapt reality to something that does not yet exist.

We want to be the ideal model of how things should be, and spread our method around the world. Yes, for the world. We are not just another company, we want to leave our mark in history as others have already done, but without leaving our way of being behind.

Here you will not find anything traditional, neither retrograde values ​​doomed to failure, nothing archaic deburocracies and prejudiced, immoral or illegal thoughts.

Yes, this is our ‘essence’. If it is not innovative, if we cannot scale in efficient and efficient ways, if it is not to be among the newest and risking everything, it will not be worth it for us. So if you want something exclusive and with a 'supernatural' power, you can count on our technology.

We are one of the few companies in Brazil that has the courage to risk the most innovative, even if we receive criticism or are misinterpreted by our ideology. However, as successful cases, we are proud to introduce our clients, who despite being initially skeptical were impressed with the result of everything we did and are doing for them.

And so we take our ideals for each new project, a new way of thinking and a new way to solve problems, even if it means stretching a new 'tentacle' to create something that has not yet been thought of, but believe me, everything is possible for us.

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Why choose tentaculo?

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Immersion and discovery

By doing interactions and ideation workshops we achieve more accurate solutions.

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User Experience

A team focused entirely in UX grants systems and apps prototypes that are user centered.

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Agile development

Our team execute agile deliveries utilizing modern project management methods.

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Custom projects

We help your team to best solve problems building innovative systems.

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